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The Research Initiative "Samagama - Participatory Action Research & Knowledge in Community-based Rehabilitation (S-PARK/CBR) was carried out in Mandya & Ramnagar Districts of Karnataka (India) during 2009-2012"

S-PARK/CBR field research was composed of three main research components, that were inter-linked, and in part, parallel. These 3 field research components were: (1) Quantitative research based on structured interviews of a stratified sample of about 2500 persons from CBR area and another 300 persons from a neighbouring area not covered by CBR programme. (2) Emancipatory research, looked at impact of CBR from the point of view of persons with disabilities. (3) and a final phase of including emancipatory research approach in ordinary working of the CBR programme activities.

All the research has been completed. Part of the data has been analysed and reports have been published. Part of the data related to emancipatory research is being analysed.

This research was made possible by funding from Sasakawa Foundation Japan, DAHW Germany and FIRAH France.

Publications Presenting Results from S-PARK/CBR Research

1. Impact of CBR: Community-based rehabilitation programme in Mandya district (Karnataka, India) by M. Biggeri, S. Deepak, V. Mauro, J.F. Trani, J. Kumar, P. Ramasamy, P. Bakshi and R. Giriyappa - A Book presenting main results from phase one of S-SPARK/CBR is now available for free full download.

(2) Promoting empowerment - emancipatory research in community-based rehabilitation programmes - a guide for CBR programme managers, compiled by S. Deepak, with contributions from A. Ghai, E. Pupulin, J. Kumar, G.P. Griffo, M. Thomas, N. Ghosh, N. Emmel and P. Ramasamy. This simple 35 page guide sums up the main learnings from emancipatory research process in Mandya CBR research. The guide is available for free full download in three versions - in English, French and Italian versions.

(3) Emancipatory research and voices of children with disability: Read the article published in August 2011 issue of Disability and International Development Journal.

(4) Impact of CBR in different groups of persons with disabilities: This article focuses on impact of CBR on persons with physical, visual, hearing and speech, and intellectual disabilities. Read the article published in Winter 2013 issue of DCID journal.

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If you have any questions regarding any of the research activities of AIFO/Italy, you can write to Dr Sunil Deepak, head of the Medical and Scientific office of AIFO at: sunil.deepak(at)