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Welcome to Research pages of AIFO/Italy. AIFO mainly supports operational research based on principles of health systems research linked to its field projects in developing countries. Here you will find information and reports about these AIFO supported research activities. All the research projects supported by AIFO follow specific Ethical Guidelines. AIFO is also part of the Disability Research Resource Centre network.

Recent Research Projects

(1) Disability Emancipatory research in West Bank of Palestine: This is a joint project of two Italian NGOs, Educaid and AIFO. The project is coordinated by Italian NGO Educaid. It includes the implementation of an emancipatory research dealing with women with disabilities in three areas of the West Bank of Palestine. The research component was coordinated by AIFO. The final report of this project is now available for download - a Full Report in English and a summary report in Italian.

(2) Mental Health & Rights - Development of Community Mental Health Networks in Four Provinces of China: Between 2011 and 2017, two separate and successive community mental health programmes co-funded by European Union were carried out by AIFO, Solis and Partners in China -  Community based psychiatry - "Promoting the integration of mental health in primary health care services in three districts of China" (2011-2014), and "Strengthening the role and capacity of Chinese non-state actors towards rightful inclusion in the society of people with mental health conditions" (2014-2017). A report summarising the results, experiences and practices of six years of the programme is now available for download - Full report in English - Full report in Italian

(3) Classification of persons with disabilities in the CBR: This research involves CBR programme managers from different countries to review and analyse different ways of classifying persons with disabilities in the CBR. This research has been completed. An article about this research published in Disability CBR and Inclusive Development journal is available for download.

(3) Violence and abuse towards persons with disabilities in South Asia: This new research project aims to understand the extent and the kind of abuse and violence faced by persons with disabilities in Bidar district in India. The research involves around 140 persons with disabilities who are members of local Disabled Persons' Organizations (DPOs). Data collection of this research was completed in November 2013 and some of the preliminary results were discussed with local communities and DPO representatives. Report of this research is available in PDF format (1.2 MB). This research is a joint initiative of AIFO with ORBIT and BIDAR district DPO.

(4) S-PARK/CBR research initiative on impact of CBR in a district in south of India: This research focused on impact of ten year long CBR activities in district with 1.8 million population and 22,000 persons with disabilities benefiting from those activities. This research was part of joint workplan between Disability & Rehabilitation team of World Health Organisation (WHO/DAR) and AIFO/Italy. The research had three components - (1) a quantitative research (2009-10); (2) an emancipatory research (2010-11); and (3) Pilot integration of emancipatory research methodology in the CBR projects (2011-12). The field research and data collection have been completed. Part of the data has also been analysed and published in 2012-13. Last remaining data from this research should be analyzed and published in 2013-14. You can read more about this research and download research reports.

Some Other Completed Research Projects

(1) Role of self-help groups (SHGs) of persons affected with leprosy in Nampula and Manica provinces of Mozambique: AIFO supported leprosy control and rehabilitation programme in Nampula & Manica provinces of Mozambique have been helping set-up SHGs of persons affected with leprosy since 2009. These groups are involved in self-care for prevention of new disabilities and preventing worsening of existing disabilities. Some of the SHGs are also involved in savings and income-generation activities. This research comprises of a survey with some SHGs in the two provinces to understand more about them. Results of this research were presented at International leprosy congress in 2013, while a more-depth article was published in December 2013 issue of Leprosy Review.

(2) Research on links between DPOs and CBR: This research includes a desk review of literature on the links between Disabled peoples' organizations (DPOs) and CBR. The desk review will be supported by two case-studies of DPOs in Asia and South America. The results of this research were published in Disability, CBR and Inclusive Development Journal (DCIDJ) in 2013. You can read this article here.

(3) Multi-country research on training needs of CBR (community-based rehabilitation) workers and/or volunteers: This multi-country research took inspiration from the CBR matrix to find out the opinions of CBR workers/volunteers in different countries regarding their training needs. 13 projects from 7 countries participated in this research. Data was collected through a structured questionnaire in the beginning of 2009. Data entry and data analysis has been done and final report of this research is available. The research was coordinated by Dr Sunil Deepak.

(4) Opinions of persons benefiting from different activities of AIFO supported CBR activities in six provinces of Vietnam: As part of mid-term evaluation of a CBR project co-funded by Italian Foreign Ministry, about 2000 persons benefiting from different activities of this project were asked their opinions about the impact of the CBR project on their lives in early 2010. Data entry and data analysis has been done and final report of this research is available.

(5) Roles and challenges of community health workers (feldschers) in Mongolia: Mongolia is a huge country with very low population density. AIFO has been working with Ministry of Health, national federation of persons with disabilities and other partners in Mongolia, since 1992 for the National Community-based rehabilitation (CBR) programme. Community-health workers play a key role in the CBR programme. Research on role of community-health workers was carried by a consultant, Ms. Elena Como in September 2010. Data entry and data analysis has been done and final report of this research is available.

(6) Multi-country research on "New Paradigm of health care for persons with disabilities": Based upon the WHO document from 2002, "Innovative care for persons with chronic conditions", this research used case-studies approach to look at greater role of persons with disabilities in their self-care. Seven (7) projects in 6 countries - ASODPSIE/Colombia, ALMES/El Salvador, KARIGIRI/India, CIMUDIS/Domenican Republic, University of Modena/Italy, CARDOS/Ethiopia and TASH/India, completed this research in 2007. The research was carried out jointly by AIFO/Italy and WHO/DAR in collaboration with Disabled Peoples' International (DPI). The research was coordinated by Dr Sunil Deepak. You can read the final report of this research (Added in 2007, PDF).

(7) Multi-country research on "Implementing community-based rehabilitation (CBR) in low income and slum areas": This participatory action research on feasibility and usefulness of CBR approach in urban low income and slum areas was carried out in 8 projects in 7 countries - Alexandria/Egypt, La Paz/Bolivia, Makassar South Sulawesi/Indonesia, Mumbai/India, Nairobi/Kenya, Quezon city/Philippines, Salvador/Brazil and Santarem/Brazil. The research was carried out jointly by WHO/DAR and AIFO/Italy and was coordinated by Dr Sunil Deepak. You can read the final report of this research. (Added in 2002, PDF)

(8) Operation Research in Parà State Leprosy Programme (Brazil): Two projects of operational research were carried out in Parà state. The reports of these researches are in Portuguese. You can access these reports by clicking on the title - (1) Hanseníase no Pará: fatores que interferem na manutenção dos elevados coeficientes de detecção (2) Hanseníase: a vigilância dos contatos no município de Belém na perspectiva dos profissionais de saúde e usuários. (2009)

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