Development Education Projects Of AIFOAIFO's Activities In Italy

AIFO Projects

AIFO is present all over Italy through official groups, regional coordination offices, hundreds of active members and thousands of supporters. This public base of AIFO is committed for creating a culture of awareness about the dangers of accumulation, consumerism and cultural intolerance and to help the building of men and women who live their role of “citizens of the world” according to criteria of justice and equity. All these activities are part of the Development Education projects of AIFO, also called "Progetto Italia".

The Development Education activities of AIFO often have European and International dimensions through the different networks and federations of which AIFO is a member. This page provides summary information about principles of Development education activities of AIFO. You can read more details about the AIFO Development Education activities in our annual report.

AIFO welcomes proposals from other European Organisations for joint activities of Development Education.

AIFO promotes educational activities through refresher training courses for schoolteachers and organization of meetings with students.

AIFO carries out training activities for community animators and solidarity-team leaders through local courses at national level and short courses at regional levels in Italy.

AIFO promotes national and local awareness campaigns for the advocacy of the rights of the persons with disabilities, poorest and under-privileged persons.

AIFO receives financial support for implementing projects in developing and under-developed countries from local Italian institutions, the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the European Commission and other international organizations.

Every year, AIFO carries out an initiative of public mobilization around The World Leprosy Day established since 1954 and celebrated on last Sunday of January each year.

Since 1986, AIFO also organises a Raoul Follereau Award, which is given periodically to persons or organizations, who have given significant contributions to initiatives of peace and justice.

In addition, every two years, AIFO organizes a National Conference, a meeting for all AIFO groups and supporters, promoting an analysis of important contemporary issues affecting mankind, looking at the events from the point of view of the under-privileged communities. The conference participants define and elaborate strategies for promoting social change and advocacy.

AIFO publishes in Italian “Amici di Raoul Follereau”, a monthly magazine, distributed in around 20,000 copies every month. Occasionally, AIFO also produces other material in Italian, which includes audiovisual materials (mainly DVD and, photographic exhibitions on countries and people in developing countries), books, guides, teaching materials for schools and for social activist groups, etc. For example, a recent publication (2013) is a tool kit for right to health targeted at Italian school children and teachers.

For more information about the Development Education activities of AIFO please write to: info(at)