B-Forms for AIFO Project Monitoring B-Forms in English, Portuguese & Italian for AIFO Projects

All AIFO supported projects are asked to complete the annual monitoring forms at the beginning of each year. The data collected from the projects is used for preparing AIFO's annual Social Balance.

All projects that received any funding support from AIFO during 2016, are requested to download the forms given below according to their activities, fill them up and send them to the AIFO Project manager latest by 15 March 2017.


(1) The forms should be filled only for those activities that were carried with AIFO's support. If your project has activities funded by other organisations which did not receive any funding from AIFO, please do not fill information about these activities in the AIFO monitoring forms. All activities carried out by staff receiving salaries from AIFO funds should be reported in the AIFO forms.

(2) If your project covers large areas such as an entire country or a region or different districts, fill one form for the whole programme and in addition, fill a separate form for each administrative area.

(3) Do not provide duplicate information in different forms. For example, if you have provided information about self-help groups in the CBR form, do not repeat the same information in the Development form.

(4) All the forms are in Excel format. To download the forms, click on the links, and then save them on your own computer. Two forms (B5 and B9) are not available in Italian, but are available in French.

(5) Reports and Pictures: Together with the monitoring forms, do not forget to send descriptive reports and pictures showing your activities during the year to the Project Office of AIFO.

If you have any doubts or questions, write to AIFO Project office for clarifications. Finally please make sure that the forms are sent to AIFO office latest by 15 March 2017.

B-Forms in English

B-Forms in Portugues

  • Form B1: HANSENIASE: PQT e Prevencao das incapacidades
  • Form B2: Para Hanseniase: Associacoes / Hospital / Leprosario
  • Form B3: Hanseniase: Relatorio de Atividades Socio-Economicas
  • Form B4: Relatorio sobre Atividades de Saude de Base
  • Form B5: Relatorio Administrativo
  • Form B6: Modulo coleta de dados - Projetos Infancia
  • Form B7: Formulario Sobre Atividades de CBR
  • Form B8: Formulario Sobre Atividades de Desenvolvimento
  • Form B9: Formulario Sobre Atividades de TBC

B-Forms in Italiano

For More Information

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