Leprosy:  Self-Care for Prevention of Disabilities (1)



This course explains the way leprosy causes disabilities and the different self-care activities for preventing them.

This course is meant for health workers, so that they can teach leprosy affected persons to do self-care. Health workers may teach the self-care measures to some active leprosy affected persons, who in turn can teach it to new patients.

This course is mainly based on the book, "Preventing Disability in Leprosy Patients" by Jean M. Watson, published by TLMI (1986). Many of the illustrations used in the course have been modified from the same book and are by Judith Cole. Some pictures are taken from ILEP learning guide 2.

This course is dedicated to Jean M. Watson for her untiring and selfless work for and with persons affected with leprosy.

This course has 21 slides and requires about one hour for completion.

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