Introduction & Acknowledgements: Leprosy is an ancient disease but today it is completely curable. If diagnosed and treated early, the disease can be cured without leaving any sign on the body of the affected person.

In most countries the diagnosis and treatment of leprosy is part of community health and primary health care activities. This course aims to provide the essential information for health workers about suspecting, diagnosing and treating leprosy. The course includes some tests to reinforce understanding of basic concepts.

This course is based mainly on ILEP Learning Guide 1. Some other materials and photographs from different countries and existing training materials have also been used. In particular we would like to acknowledge the following organizations and their learning materials: Leprosy in Africans, W. K. Jacyk, DAHW & Talmilep; A New Atlas of Leprosy, A. Colin McDougall & Yo Yuasa, SMHF.



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