Without You There Is No LovePoems of Raoul Follereau

Raoul Follereau 1963

Raoul Follereau at Public Theatre of Fermo in Italy with AIFO supporters, 1966

We have built churches,

but our history is

an unending war;

we have built hospitals, but,

for our brothers,

we have accepted hunger.

Forgive, Lord,

for the crushed nature,

for the forests destroyed,

for the rivers polluted ...

forgive us for the atom bomb,

for repetitive work,

the machines swallowing humans,

and the insults to Love.

We know that you love us and to

this love we owe our lives.

Save us from asphyxia of hearts and bodies.

That our days are not disfigured any more,

by envy and ingratitude,

by the terrible slavery of power.

Give us the joy of loving our brothers.

Teach us to love,

because, Lord, there is no love

without your love.


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