Make Our Lives A Reflection Of Your LovePoems of Raoul Follereau

Raoul Follereau 1963

Raoul Follereau, Abbe Pier and Marcel Farine at setting up of ELEP, 1966

Lord, give us the gift of love.

The gift of loving all the earth,

of loving every thing on this earth,

and above all, men, our brothers,

who are sometimes so unhappy,

and loving even those who are happy,

and those who are often poor devils!

Give us the force to love

those who do not love us,

those who love no one.

That our love be a reflection of your love.

To love our neighbour at the other end of the world,

to love the outsider who lives among us,

to console, to forgive, to give benediction, to open our arms.

To love the selfish, the skeptics, the destroyers,

so that a spring may rise out

from the deserts of their hearts.

To free those who are lonely,

to free with a smile

their closed hearts: loving, loving, ...

Then a grand spring time will change the world

and every thing in us will flower.


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