General Information About AIFOInformation about mission, vision, activities and annual reports

Introduction to AIFO

AIFO is a network organisation of grassroots groups/organisations with about 60 groups of volunteers spread all over Italy. Some of local AIFO groups are NGOs officially recognised by their local administrative bodies. The different AIFO groups are organised in regional level coordinations. Delegates from AIFO groups and coordination offices together constitute AIFO's General Assembly.

Representative Delegates from AIFO's Partner Associations in India and Brazil are also represented in AIFO's General Assembly.

AIFO's head-office is in Bologna in northern part of Italy. AIFO's activities can be divided into two main groups - activities in the developing countries and activities in Italy. Activities in developing countries are mainly related to leprosy, primary health care and community based rehabilitation. Activities in Italy are related mainly to development education.

AIFO was inspired by the work of French journalist Mr. Raoul Follereau. In this section, you will find AIFO's annual reports and information about Mr. Raoul Follereau.


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