ALLA SALUTE! A kit for teachers and students on Health RightsA kit for Italian school students, 15 January 2013

AIFO Kit Cover

AIFO has released the teaching kit “ALLA SALUTE!”, a cross-disciplinary educational resource on Health Rights. This kit is aimed at Italian secondary schools (Italian language only).

It’s an interactive and multimedia product, based on the experience and interaction of experts coming from many different areas including training institutions, voluntary service organizations and schools.

This kit aims to raise awareness about new practices towards the promotion of health rights, human rights, common good, through a kind of “acted knowledge”, a wide range of thinking and working ways which all start from near reality and get to far away cultural environments.

The resource is built in a way to promote a network of interconnected knowledge. It’s not just a tool, but is thought as a space where persons can interact. It uses a simple and direct language and the most common channels used by young people.

A book and a DVD are bundled with the product. The book is divided into three parts. In the first part, the general methodology is presented together with some proposals on group activities and a guide to plan a work unit. The second part takes the students across a "Tree" journey starting from the Roots (the Fundamental Rights), going through the Trunk (Health Right) and arriving in the Branches, which represent six thematic cards: Health and Cooperation, Health and Food, Health and Environment, Health and Migrations, Public Health in Italy, and Health and Disability. In the third part several tools and educational resources are suggested to deepen personal research.

In the kit DVD an enlarged digital version of the kit and new teaching resources are offered.

The fourth and last part of this kit doesn’t exist yet. It will arise from the initiatives of teachers, trainers and volunteers. It will be a living space to be enriched by everyone who wants to add his own feedbacks. To this purpose, a Facebook page has been opened:

The teaching kit "Alla Salute" can be ordered from AIFO, contact person: Monica Tassoni, tel. 051 4393121, Email: monica.tassoni(at)