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Welcome to learning resources on issues related to disability, rehabilitation and community-based rehabilitation (CBR). The learning resources are organized in the following groups:

Books, manuals, documents, articles on Disability & Rehabilitation

Books, manuals, reports and other documents on disability, rehabilitation and CBR are organized in the following sub-groups:

2001-2010 archives of Asia Pacific Journal of Disability and Rehabilitation

The old archives of Asia Pacific Disability and Rehabilitation Journal (APDRJ) and related publications from the period 2001-2010 are hosted here.

This journal has now changed name and can be accessed at the DCIDJ website.

Online self-learning courses

Most of the online self-learning courses were prepared during 2004-05 and are in old format of AIFO website. Some of the links on these pages may not function. The following online courses are available (each course opens in a new window) -

More Learning Resources from AIFO/Italy

You can also check other learning materials on leprosy, primary health care and development issues.