CBR, Social Relationships, Sexuality & Reproductive RightsAgra, India, November 2012 - Workshop report & presentations

The first part of International workshop on "Going beyond the taboos in community-based rehabilitation (CBR)" focused on social relationships, sexuality and reproductive rights. It was held in Agra (India) in November 2012, on the occasion of the the First World CBR Congress. Workshop report and presentations are available here. All the documents are in PDF format.

Workshop Report

Report of the part 1 of the international workshop "Going beyond the taboos in CBR" focusing on "Supporting Social Relationships, Sexuality and Reproductive Rights in CBR" (5 MB) - in low resolution (527 KB)

Workshop Presentations

Presentations and Report from Part 2 of "Going Beyond the Taboos in CBR"

Check the presentations and report from part two of this workshop that contrated on issues about violence, abuse and sexual abuse.

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