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Selected Readings in Community Based Rehabilitation

 Series 2

 Disability and Rehabilitation Issues in South Asia

 Series Editors:

Maya Thomas & M.J. Thomas

January 2002


Foreword, E. Pupulin, S. Deepak

Community and Individual Responses to Disablement in South Asian Histories: Old Traditions, New Myths?, M. Miles

Disability Rehabilitation in a Traditional Indian Society, Ajit K. Dalal

Status of Women With Disabilities in South Asia , Maya Thomas, M.j. Thomas

Community Based Rehabilitation in a Complex Emergency: Study of Afghanistan, Peter Coleridge

The Mental Health of War Affected Children: A Community Based Rehabilitation and Reconciliation Programme in Sri Lanka ís Eastern Province, Robert Chase, Kenneth Bush

Community Based Rehabilitation for Children in Nepal, William Boyce, John Paterson

Mental Health and Development, Chris Underhill

Developments and Trends in Rehabilitation in Leprosy, P. Nicholls, W.c.s. Smith

Community Approaches to Handicap in Development (CAHD): The next generation of CBR programmes, Laura Krefting, Douglas Krefting

Training Issues In Community Based Rehabilitation in South Asia , Sheila Wirz, Prue Chalker

Training Needs in Cbr in South Asia with Special Reference to Severe Disabilities, Inclusiveness and the Integrated Approach, K.R. Rajendra

Public Policy Issues in Disability Rehabilitation in Developing Countries of South-East Asia, D.K. Menon, Reeta Peshawaria, Rahul Ganguli


Occasional Publication of the Asia Pacific Disability Rehabilitation Journal

Series Editors:
Maya Thomas

M.J. Thomas

 Desk Editor:
Nina Agtey


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 January 2002

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