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Welcome to the English web-pages of Italian Association "Amici di Raoul Follereau" (AIFO). AIFO is a grassroot organisation with groups and regional coordinations covering the whole of Italy. It is also an international network organisation with members of fellow associations in India, Brazil and Mongolia.

AIFO is in official relationship with the World Health Organisation (WHO). AIFO collaborates actively with Ministry of Foreign Affairs and is recognised by Ministry of Education of Italy for the training of school teachers.

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The international activities of AIFO focus on on two main areas - (1) Community health programmes with a special focus on leprosy (2) Community-based rehabilitation (CBR) and Community-based Inclusive Development (CBID) programmes open to all the different groups of persons with disabilities including persons with disabilities due to leprosy and persons with mental illness.

AIFO is a founder member of International Federation of Anti-leprosy Associations (ILEP), International Consortium for Disability and Development (IDDC), Italian Disability and Development Network (RIDS) and Italian NGO federation Focsiv.

January 2017: For Projects that Received Funds from AIFO during last year: As every year, it is time for our annual information collection regarding your activities and their beneficiaries during the year gone by. Completed forms and reports for past year should be sent to AIFO Project office before 15 March 2017. You can download the AIFO monitoring forms for completion. This information will be used to prepare AIFO's Annual Report and Balance.

New Additions on AIFO Website

icon new articleEmancipatory Disability Research - Report of an Emancipatory Disability Research (EDR) Project in West Bank of Palestine involving women with disabilities - A summary report in Italian is also available. (Added in March 2017)

icon new articleMental Health and Rights - Community Mental Health Networks in China - Report of six years of a community mental health programme - An Italian version of the report is also available. (Added in March 2017)

icon new articleInclusion, Disability, International Cooperation - The Italian Development Cooperation Experience 2009-2014 and Other Technical Publications of Italian Cooperation and RIDS related to Disability Issues (Added in February 2017)

icon new article2015-16 Project Reports from some projects in Brazil, China, Guinea Bissau, India, Liberia and Mozambique are available. (Added in January 2017)

icon new articleAIFO's Annual Report and Financial Balance 2016: The "Annual Report 2016" of AIFO includes a summary of the monitoring data received from projects. (Added in October 2017)

icon new articleIncluding Disability in International Cooperation - We Include - Download the presentations made during the International conference Including Disability in International Cooperation: Experiences of Collaboration between Governments, NGOs and DPOs organised in Rome (Italy) on 18 November 2015 (Added in March 2016)

icon new articleDisability and Development - A new publication from RIDS (Italian Disability Network) on the inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in the International Development Cooperation Project for free download. Also available in Italian. Download the Report. The publication of this book has been co-funded by International Development Cooperation of Italian Foreign Ministry. (Added in October 2015)

icon new articleMental Health: Promoting Rights, Fighting Stigma - Final Report of the multi-country project that looked at increasing awareness about mental health issues in the CBR programmes in Mongolia, Indonesia and Liberia and at the human rights of persons with mental illness in a prison of Salvador (Brazil). This project was co-funded by European Commission. (Added in May 2015)


Learning Materials And Other Information From AIFO

icon new articleLearning Materials on Disability and CBR: The Disability and CBR related learning materials are divided into the following groups - (1) Articles, books and manuals (2) Old archives of Asia Pacific Disability and Rehabilitation Journal (3) Online self-learning courses

icon new articleLearning Materials on Leprosy: The Leprosy related learning materials are divided into the following groups - (1) Articles, books and manuals (2) Leprosy Mailing List Archives and Documents (3) Online self-learning courses

icon new articleGeneral Information About AIFO: Find out about - (1) AIFO's mission and vision (2) Who was Raoul Follereau (3) Check the annual reports of AIFO.

icon new articleAIFO's Projects: Learn about projects supported by AIFO and read some of the recent project reports.

icon new articleAIFO's Research Activities: Check the page providing information about completed and on-going research projects of AIFO, including the reports and publications.

icon new articleAlliances of AIFO: AIFO is in official relationship with the World Health Organisation (WHO). It is a founding member of ILEP and IDDC. It is also part of different networks and campaigns. Read more about these and other alliances of AIFO.

icon new articleLearning Materials on Primary Health Care and Development: The Health and Development related learning materials include articles, books and manuals.

icon new articleSpecial Events & Announcements: Check the archives of special events such as meetings and workshops organised by AIFO.